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We at Hargulsampurna.com are bound to provide you with 100% pure cold pressed unfiltered cooking oils. Considering today’s lifestyle, it has become necessary to use pure and chemical-free oils in daily cooking. Edible oil is very important and necessary in our everyday cooking. Every one of us uses cooking oils at least 3 times a day. So this ingredient has to be pure and chemical-free! All the refined and filtered oils available in the market are not pure and mixed with harmful chemicals.

We have brought you all new concept of unrefined, unfiltered cooking oil based on india’s ancient Ayurveda. Our oils are cold pressed and best in quality! Hargul Sampurna oils balances “Vaata” in our body and saves you from wide range of Vaat imbalance diseases. Replace your refined cooking oils with Hargul Sampurna unrefined pure oils.

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